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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  June 16, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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approval. >> everybody wanted to be like her. >> she just did everything the right way. that's how shoe lived, everybody just saw, stood out. >> remembering a young woman, with a bright future. akyra and community coming together for the youngest victim of the terror attack. could her life have been saved? we ask why did police wait hours to bus into that night club. plus, new details about the gunman's actions just minute before the shooting. what he posted on facebook, and who he called besides 911 in the midst of the attack. >> i cannot imagine how horrible a situation the family is going through, night maybe i shall. >> supposed to be happiest place on earth, toddler dragged into the water and killed by an alligator at disney world, now, could the resort have done more to prevent this from happening? it is straight up 7:00. by the way, it is national
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fudge day. >> fudge day. >> i could go for some douglas fudge, creamy peanut butter. or some vanilla. >> i like the walnut. >> i like the chocolate. >> oh, fudge. >> you want nut in your fudge? >> oh, ya. doesn't everybody? let's check the number of the day, it is a six out every ten, because it is raining out there. and we've even been seeing some thunder, or hearing thunder, and seeing lightning on ultimate doppler radar. rainy, muggy, it is temperatures in the 60s, but we've had a stretch of a nice couple of days, so i guess we were due, here is a look, see the lightning mostly new castle county delaware, with few thunderstorm rumbling through there this morning. but you look up to the north around new london, chester county, you see heavy rain there, around west goshen. here in philadelphia the rain about to pick up in intensity as along woolwich township, across the river in new jersey. delco getting a lot of rain, as well, here is the gray city skyline, with 64 degrees, right now, and 75 is all we
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will get for high today. with showers around all day, we could see few peaks every sunday shine later on, but the chance of showers is with us all day long. you got to slow it down. >> you got it, slow her down. good morning, everybody, live look out here, the intersection of 10113, in chester county, not that far from the downingtown interchange, the turnpike, and again, depending upon where you step out the front door, you got light drizzle, you got heavy downpour, maybe thunder boomer, coming up behind you there. just damp and wet over here along the freeway, northbound, watch for delays coming in toward the walt whitman bridge, heavy thunderstorm across in delaware county headed up north on 95 toward the airport. expect delays at philadelphia international airport today. at least for the morning flights in and out because of the weather. west on 422, accident out near the arm and hammer boulevard, interchange, out near pottstown. and that emergency gas work, that kicked in yesterday, causing huge delays, expected
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again today, mainly the admiral wilson boulevard, where it meets up with the airport circle, and then connect with 70 and route 38. and the fire fly music festival, gets underway today, down at the dover speedway. so we'll see a lot of volume opening up today, all the way through sunday, along route one, and route 13. mike and alex back over to you. >> 7:03. >> following breaking news right now out every bucks county where police are investigating a shooting. >> yes, this is in morrisville, borough, dave, we don't often do stories about the violent things happening in that little borough. >> yes, we really don't. we're here at the intersection of bridge and pennsylvania, right downtown here, in morrisville borough. you have got two vehicles here, i want you to look at the silver one right there, just next to evidence marker number six. that's a gun, that police say was used in this shooting. so here's what happened here. the person who fired the shots, apparently, witnessed a guy breaking into that car,
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and when he was spotted, the suspect got away in this black jeep you can see right there that's stolen, police are telling us, so, there is a chase, the bad guy crashes his car on to the sidewalk there, the is victim gets out of the silver car, pulls the gun, and fires at least two shots, hitting the suspect as he tries to get away, the suspect was apprehended, is alive, we don't know his condition at the moment. but he is in the hospital, in police custody, not clear if the person who fired the shot is going to face any charges, police are telling us again this all happened early this morning, i would say, within maybe an hour and a half ago about that. two cars here, silver car, apparently the suspect trying to break into the car when park outside of the owners house. owner sees this whole thing happening. so the bad guy get away in a stolen black car, right there, there is a chase, the suspect crashes, and then the person in that silver car gets out with the gun that's on that
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hood right there next to evidence marker six and fires at least two shots, hitting the suspect, the suspect's condition not known. suspect is alive in custody and also undergoing medical care at this time. so, police have this whole area block off. washington street, we just show you this real quick, washington street is you can't turn onto where we are right now, do you have keep going. see officer redirecting traffic here. and it is the same thing, greg, spin back the other way, just past this scenement you can see where police have their light lit up and they are blocking that side down there, as well, while they continue to investigate this. mike, back to you. >> thank you, clock 05. let's get down to city hall in center city philadelphia. >> because it is a big day, because, after today, you could soon pay more for soda, juice and energy drinks in philly. >> steve keeley, come on, just tell me what's going to happen? >> in the washington post they talk to expert, they say this thing here in philly today is a huge national deal. so this is making at city hall
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really going to be groundbreaking, because the big soda companies across the country, have stopped similar plans for soda taxes from new york, 45 times in the past seven years pass probably today, not going to produce one and a half cents. now, includes, diet drinks, so now it is all soft drinks, this is going to increase the cost of six pack of coke, by $2.16, the cost of 2-liter soda bottle, as we see coke truck making delivery around city hall, by a dollar one. so, big news, soda consumption already at it 30 year low here, in the nation, bottled water soon to overtake soda, as the top selling drink and francisco putting soda ads like they have on cigarettes warning how bad soda is for your health. so soda companies are getting
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slammed from healthier lifestyles, as and now maybe philly begins nationwide wave of soft drink taxes, across the country. so, with nothing but bad news lately, mike, i wanted to gave you a little good news. should you ever get locked in a new jersey gas station, i got you covered. >> wow. >> those are the biggest clippers i've ever seen. >> on okay at that face, he's serious. >> head shears. >> there are times, i've known him, that guy, over ten years. >> yes? >> he scares the living daylight out of me. and today is one of those days >> sounds like he needs to be walking around with carson wentz. >> by the way our new quarterback got locked in what a new jersey bathroom yesterday? >> and they had to use shears to get him out of there. >> we have that story coming up. >> maybe we should go back to steve and have him do demonstration? >> both cult ers, thousand get
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out after new jersey bathroom. 7:07. new overnight. >> police in northeast philadelphia say someone fired shot into a home, it happened about an hour ago, in the 4700 block of blie avenue in home berg. there was at least one person home at the time. there are no injuries reported >> also new overnight, senate democrats ended nearly 15 hour filibuster early this morning, after republican party lied ers reportedly agreed allow votes to propose gun control measures. >> this guy talked and talked and talked until after midnight. there he is right now. connecticut senator chris murphy, tweeted, he is proud to announce that after more than 14 hours, on the floor, we will have a vote on closing the terror gap, and universal backgrounds checks. >> video from the filibuster. >> no, no. >> oh, it is. well, now we have -- so this is -- >> apparently only one suit, one tie, from four years ago. hey, 40 senators joined chris murphy here from connecticut. this follows the shooting
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massacre at that pulse night club in orlando. so we'll see what happens later today. will this legislation go through. 7:09. meanwhile, new details continue to emerge about that shooting in orlando. authorities are working to tracings cents leading up to the attack, lauren, joining us with more about what we're learning what he was doing while in the bathroom. >> the guy was busy while shooting. >> oh, very busy, a letter released by the senate homeland security committee says the gunman omar mateen made series every facebook posts blasting the quote filthy ways of the west. and blaming the united state for the death every innocent women and children. some of those posts coming just minute before the shooting started even during the hostage situation, in one post pledged allegiance to icy he is, another warned of attacks by isringhausen in the u.s. committee now asking facebook to them them obtain information about mateen's activity on the social media site. also learned about a phonecall
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he made, spoke to overnight producer you see there. that producer said when he answered the phone the shooter said do you know about the shooting. when he answered yes. mateen said i'm the shooter. its ' me. i'm the shooter. he went on to say did he it for isis and started speaking in arabic. the producer asked if there anything else he wanted to say and he said no and hung up the phone. >> they believe mateen was self radicalized, prosecutor insisting way too early to tell whether any charges can be brought against mateen's wife, you see there, in that video, 30 year old nora solomon was reportedly with mateen when he cased possible targets including walt disney world and the pulse night club. she could be charged as an accessary to 49 count of murder, and 53 counts of attempted murder. meanwhile a president will be in orlando, his trip about offering his comfort and support to those who are still grieving after this gruesome attack, mike anal next. >> lauren, thank you, 7:10. >> another store that i happened in orlando, oh, no, still about the orlando
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shooting, family of the youngest orlando victim akyra murray making arrangements to bring her daughter back to philadelphia. >> the fbi is re looking her body to her parent last night, at the same time vigil taking place here at her high school. >> hundreds filling the auditorium at west catholic prep high school to remember the 18 year old basketball star. the vigil was private. so cameras not allowed inside, she graduated little over week ago, third in her class. and now her classmates have still trying to come to terms with the loss. >> shoe just new the right words to say, how to build up as a team. >> she just did everything the right way, how she lived, and she stood out. >> now, we're hearing that akyra's immediate family is still in orlando. and continue making plans for her memorial service. we'll let you know when that is. coming up on 7:12, egyptian
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officials say they now know the exact location of egypt airplane, that crashed into the mediterranian last month killing all 66 people on board. a ship contracted by the egyptian government, is to join the search effort, and they will actually spot the wreckage yesterday. the plane disappeared from radar while traveling from paris to cairo. now, no group has claimed responsibility for bringing down the plane. the plane's black boxes have yet to be found. at least they know the location. 7:12. >> surveillance video shows van that hit and killed 17 year old girl earlier this week. police are looking for silver early 2,000 model chevy venture mini-van along with the driver, they say it, should have heavy front ends damage, and shattered windshield. the driver hit 17 year old mikhail a jackson and just kept goingment happened monday
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while while in the crosswalk at adams and the boulevard. family members say she was supposed to graduate the very next day, from george washington carver high school. if you have any information on this mini-van or the person driving it, call philadelphia police. >> boy, a big announcement, expected later today, about 30th street station, and it district plan. whatever that means. plan to release more details, which plans to expand transportation service into center city, and university city. >> the minute we hear the details of the press conference we'll pass it on to you, because this show that we do here is on until 10:00. >> or like you say this program called good day philadelphia. >> this program called good day is on until 10:00. >> 7:13, i need your opinion on this one. a medical examiner is performing a autopsy, probably in the next couple of hours, on the body that far two year old boy, who was killed when
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an alligator dragged him into a lagoon at walt disney worlds. >> the boy's name lane graves. he was found in a man-made lagoon at the grand floridian resort. playing in the water tuesday night with his dad close by when the alligator attack, dragged him into the water. his father jumped in, tried to save him, but could not. authorities say the boy was in very shallow water, i think about 6 feet deep, when he goes in. >> yes. >> and found intact, ten to 12 feet into the water. >> not far from where the alligator took him. >> it was just kind of wading within maybe six to 12 inches of water, and the alligator came up and attack, and then took him out into the water. and likely drowned the child at that point. >> there are no swimming signs in the area where the boy was attackment many are wondering if more could have been done to prevent the tragedy from happening and also trying to figure out who is responsible for this?
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>> hitter hanson is here, our attorney, good morning. just think about this. this little family is from nebraska. this little bitty town, in the midwest. they go down there just to have little vacation. and he wanders, what -- >> well, they had movie night outside. so that's why they were some people wondering why were the parent out with the child at 99:00 p.m. >> what do kids do? they like to wade in the area. >> oh, sand beach, maybe a beach we can play around? >> nope. there were signs up that say no swimming. >> right, no swimming signs. >> so what's going to happen here? >> disney had the signs up. they certainly did what they could to prevent people from going in the water. there is an argument to be made that if they had had signs that said that there were alligators in the water, perhaps that would have pre prevented the child from wandering into the water or parent allowing to to happen. sometimes the problem is that sometimes there is no one to blame for these types of tragedies. think if i this they were to bring suit, maybe quick settlement so we would stop talking about this, but also
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an argument that the parent should have been watching the child more closely. so, there is definitely arguments to be made on either side, litigation is extremely stressful on all parties involved, so i think that this will likely go away quickly if it is filed. >> even. >> even though no swimming signs, i've seen signs before, no standing, no wading, can go down a list, so because it just said no swimming he is not fully in the water, just tapping his feet smashed. >> list known one wants to blame the parents in these situations, absolutely, but at the same time disney can't control. there are alligators in the water in florida they can't make them not be there. in fact in the past they've tried to do that, tried to take the area and dredge it of alligators. i think that if one was looking into having a lawsuit here they bo look into whether disney had done that more regularly, when or not they should have done it more regularly, whether the signs should have said alligators in the watt r earn or stay out of the dining water danger. i wouldn't be surprised guys if disney charges the way that
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they handle these types every theming in the future. you may see more clear signs. >> even hey it is florida, shouldn't because it is their property they had a beach area there, shouldn't disney monitor the alligators? see pulling out about five. shouldn't they foe how many a.m. gators? >> in the past they've done that, still doing that, florida wildlife preservation society, disney great keeping on top of. that will the problem is there are canals, and gale ores come and go. not just a lagoon. >> alligators can actually climb, even though the waters may not be connected alligators get out of one area and cross land and get into another body of water. >> these are wild animals, reminded the case with the gorilla in the zoo. these are wild animals, not always something that you can control. and here, i mean, yes, there could be fences up. but now you are going to start to ruin someone else said there shouldn't be any watter what so ever on the disney property because of this risk every alligators, so any time
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you are involved in these types every things you have to do risk benefit analysis there. has not been this type of attack in a very very long time. there are other animals, mosquitos more dangerous than and -- and determine what the risk is what the benefit is. here i think you will see change in the signs at the very least. >> when i check into the lobby of the grand floridians, i want to see dagger big sign that says there are alligator in the stinking lagoon. >> or give you the hotel key, hey i want to warn you, stay out of the water. >> the soda machine is over hereby the way there are giant alligators in the lagoon out there. seriously, tell me. >> i think you will see that happen more often. un north lip will lead to changes and hope fillly this won't happen to any more children, anyone. >> an image that will never leave that mom and dad's mind. >> oh, it is terrible, and i think if they were to bring suit it would end quickly.
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>> we'll follow t thank you, hh. here's ss. >> checking first bob had mentioned it earlier, fire fly musical festival starts today in dover delaware. to the is the day we could see pop up thunderstorms, forecast does improve, early possible tomorrow, and then sunshine for saturday and sunday, that's fret -- pretty much the forecast for anywhere. >> no rain falling but don't have to go too far away to see where it is, around middletown delaware getting thunderstorms, we zoom into neighborhoods and see where the rain; the worse this morning, around 202 around pail ers crossing in chester county or delaware county around concords township do, have rain in carney's point pretty heavy around marshall town, dobbins ville around philadelphia, rain getting heavier in our neighborhood this morning, and then we jump down into townsend delaware, heavy downpour there, as well.
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so lots of places getting heavy rain this morning it, does taper off and eventually we do get some sunshine today. it warms up over the weekends including fathers day, with a high of 86 degrees. >> morning, clock 20, we have the heavy rain kind of cutting delays everywhere this morning. so just take your time, little extra wiggle room, roads are all wet, and slippery here, so live look at i95 coming up from delaware county. depending upon where you begin and end your trip, you have the heavy downpour, little drizzle, maybe under this earl boomer coming through. south 959 heavy academy down to girard. accident on 295, 295 southbound on the ramps to route 73. watch, all of the ramps are slippery. big olds oklahoma tree down across the roosevelt boulevard. it is northbound, right at adams avenue, right where the old sears billing used to be, so outer drive blocked, everybody pushed to the inner drive northbound side of the boulevard. outside we go to live look,
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the -- 59 in delaware counsel i watch for delays at philadelphia international airport this morning, too. then the delays throughout the day and maybe the rush hour because of the emergency gas work by pse&g that will impact the admiral wilson boulevard, portions every route 130 and 07 and 38 here between pennsauken and cherry hill. alex back over to you. >> thank you, bob. clock 21, three hours of terror. some victims in the orlando night club shooting spent hours inside with the shooter before swat moved in. this morning we ask how do police decide whether to make their move? >> new chip cards, do you have one of those cards already? are they really as secure as the ones that are used in europe? should we be concerned here?
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>> check this out, my credit cards has that chip in it, so you don't swipe it any more, you stick it in, take it out. >> another lawsuit over the
7:25 am
chip cards r they secure or not? lauren, what do you have? >> well, more secure than the old credit cards, used to ones where you swipe the magnetic strip. but they are not nearly as secure as the chip cards used in europe. and elsewhere in the world. why? okay. when you put in your chip card, right, not at the atm, which is a deb i had cards, but your credit cards, say at your local farm circumstances you wait, you wait, you wait. then what do you do? you sign your name. there is a signature component. there is no pin, personal identification number that you put in. >> no. >> and for that reason, home depo, the home improvement chain, is suing visa and mastercard, and saying what's the point? you need the pin. that's how the transaction is secure, it is the second step of the two step authentication, and you're only doing this visa and mastercard because you want to keep your dominance in the industry, and protect your profits, at the expense of customers. now, remember, home depo had
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major cyber breach, more than 50 million customers affected. >> so? >> and wal-mart, sued visa last month over similar issue, so yes. >> so home depo is trying to protect itself? >> that's what it sounds like. >> and it customers. >> and the customers, of course. >> agree with home depo, if you're moving to the chip card technology, why not require that second step? >> true. >> which is a pin. >> home depo want another layer of security. >> if that what so is what it takes to make sure we don't get hacked. >> hey, what do you think about this? we have our top football prospect, our quarterback, his name is carson wentz. okay? >> uh-huh? okay? >> she should know. >> he's number one stunner. he's the number one draft pick.
7:27 am
if he can't finds his way out after new jersey rest area bathroom, do we have problems here for the eagles, do you think? >> how will he find his way on the field? >> i don't know, can he get into the end zone if he can't get out of the bathroom? >> i didn't know where were you going with that one. >> well, it is the never story we have here on "good day" philadelphia. >> but you are wearing eagles green. >> thank you for that. >> oh, okay. now it all comes together. the color, the story -- >> kade midnight green. see you tomorrow. >> bye. >> all right, 7:27. so let's talk about it, next up, a new jersey rest area gas station, locked in carson went. >> when you got to go ... you got to go. >> and then staying with the eagles topic, what about tim tebow? >> well, he is no longer -- he was actually a quarterback for the eagles, right. did he ever get locked in the bathroom?
7:28 am
>> do we know if there were girls trying to lock that carson in the bathroom? trying to talk to him? tim tebow, we love him, how does he feel about the philadelphia fans, i mean really feel about them. we'll hear? just a few minute.
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>> sses expect in the hospital, and will face charges, we're going to continue to keep you updated as we learn more about what happened. >> and, today at city hall. >> city council expected to approve the controversial soda tax last week preliminary thumbs-up to this 1.5 cents tax on regular diet sodas as well as sugary drinks k we just expect the same today? >> will we be the first big city, sue, to do this? other sit advice tried this over and over and over. >> yes, could happen. i'll tell you, whatever is happening, has to happen in the rain in a lot of places, we keep seeing these little lightning bolts pop up. so a loft thunderstorms around, scattered throughout the area. mostly, around philly in the suburbs, but there you see, thunderstorm headed toward middletown, delaware, the second one of the morning. since we've been here. there is one in salem county, new jersey, as well, rain getting heavier here in philadelphia. so do not walk out without that rain gear. bus stop buddy here to remind you temperatures are in the 60s as we get started this morning, and you can see, how
7:32 am
sloppy it is, at philadelphia international airport, call ahead, if you have a flight out this morning, to make sure it is not delayed. 64 degrees, right now, headed to 75 later on, little cooler than it was yesterday, with showers around. could see sunshine here and there, but just good idea to have the rain gear with you all day long, weekend forecast, is just ahead, bob kelly, lot of slow going this morning, with these wet roadways. >> wet roadways, gout it, mentioned philadelphia international airport. 7:32, bamm, here is a live look, at i-95, right near the airport, coming to a grinding halt, we got heavy bands of thunderstorms, or i should say showers, rain moving across 95. and i just checked with the airport, leguardia now checking in with delays, of anywhere from 15 to 30 minute. so that's going to have domino effect here, in philadelphia. stack and pack from academy to the girard, heavy rain along the way. and then, here is a live look at the admiral wilson boulevard. here we go, down to one lane, as you head into that airport
7:33 am
circle. than is all because that far emergency gas works for the next ten days, expect trays coming over the ben franklin, along the admiral wilson and into that airport circle. may want to try using cut per, between pennsauken and cherry hill, mike and alex back over to you. >> our community still mourning the loss that far young woman 18 year old, had such a brought future was going to play basketball. >> so private vigil head last night in west philadelphia to remember her 18 year old akyra murray the youngest victim in the orlando attacks, shot in the arm, on the floor bleeding tore hours before police moved in. she later died at the hospital. her family and friends, just devestated by the loss. >> sad, disbelief, everybody to know her, just to know what she was about, and the one
7:34 am
person she was, nobody ever forgets what she tried to accomplish in life. >> so how does a swat team decide when to go in in those situations? >> we have from the camden county police department sergeant will stewart, laying blame on the swat teeth in orlando, but family wants to know, she was on the floor that far bathroom shot in the arm, and i think the bullet, you know, severed an artery, so losing blood rapidly. when does swat team decide, because had they gone in, maybe faster, she would have survived, because she bled to death on that bathroom floor. is there a national model of what you do, when you go in? >> so, two things, with that you have active shooter scenario, response, then what it changes over time, and can change into barricaded individual, or hostage
7:35 am
situation, the two completely different responses. >> slain in? >> so an active shooter, there is active killing going on, people are dying. so, response in that case is just go directly to the shooter. to the threat, trying to eliminate neutralize the threat. >> barricaded situation a little different, because time becomes on usual side, the longer you can delay, you can try and find out what the ideal old gentlemen is, what the shooter wants, is there a way out to prevent any more. >> and feels like that's what happened. builds flying, then they stopped. >> in the bathroom. >> and that's when you, the swat team, makes a different decision then. >> completely different scenario. active shooter scenarios, columbine, where there is actively killing going on at that point. >> go in. office remembers trained, you have to go in. you have to make that decision, time is of the essence, because if you don't
7:36 am
act, and respond quickly, somebody else will die. barricade situation, we don't know what the shooter or the suspect's intention at that point is, will he kill somebody else, has he already taken his own life, we don't know what the conditions are inside. and that's why they take a little bit more time to build intelligence, develop a plan at that point. >> isn't that also why while saying they thought maybe there were snipers outside, might have bombs, doesn't also play a factor? >> sure. you can imagine the amount of information that's coming out. police officers on the scene, not to critique or say exactly what happened in orlando, but we would generally try and gather as much intelligence from people coming out of the billing or out of the environment to try and build up how many people were in there. what are his capability? has he planned any casino of diversion or, you know, booby traps throughout the area? >> we will put up picture of the outline that far pulse night club.
7:37 am
the swat team decided to go into the bathroom at the top of the screen there through the outside wall, blast through the wall, instead of running in through the bathroom door. tough decision, i'm sure they had such of a central location. >> probably also looking for the most advantageous place for them to get n how much can i get as much of capability to get into the billing at one time without getting through a tight choke point like a bathroom door, doorway. >> if i can maximize the amount, use the element of surprise, you know, then i have the advantage, while the person is inside and i'm on the outside, the advantage is on the suspect or the shooter side. >> i know we had -- isn't it always that pressure, though, thinking about the loss of life, and, you know, even though you need to take the time to figure out waist going on, there are people in there, too? >> absolutely. in an active shooter scenario,
7:38 am
we teach on the alert model, rapid response techniques certified by department of homelands defense, it tries to standardize it, one of the things to get into officers minds, do you have bypass the victim. do you have bypass the screens, the carnage that you may see, actually put it aside you and go to the threat. >> in a active shooting scenario. barricade, hostage scenario, completely different as we said trying to prevent it from killing you. >> you know, she just laid therefore hour and a half, too, bleeding. >> absolutely. >> tragic. >> had they gone in faster she probably would be alive. it is possible, we can only second guess. >> true. >> i can only imagine being in that scenario as the officers trying to make the decision trying to develop actually going on inside.
7:39 am
and from the point of view that you have no idea and the bravery it takes. >> unfathomable. >> yesterday talking counselors and stuff for the police officer, thing that they saw on the scene there. >> yes. >> unimaginable. >> stunned, hadn't seen anything like in in all of their years. >> thank you for what you do. >> coming up: local teenager and fox 29 intern. you know her by now, the whole country does, there she is patience carter, we talked it her yesterday after none. doctor mike explains can she walk? can she dance again, because she likes to make music videos, she want to be in the television career. her femur was shattered. how can you fix that? he'll show us.
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you scratch my back, i'll scratch yours. you know what it means. so does pat toomey. toomey got rich working on wall street.
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then he got elected and kept working, for wall street. voting to let banks continue their risky practices. and supporting huge tax breaks for millionaires, but higher taxes on working families. no wonder he's gotten millions from wall street. pat toomey. right for wall street. wrong for pennsylvania. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. >> carson wentz had little problem when he stopped at a new jersey gas station bathroom. what do you now when something happens to you? you tweet it. >> oh, i snap chat. >> i snap chat.
7:43 am
you don't snap chat. ya. >> carson tweeted just got lock in a bathroom at a new jersey gas station. prays the lords with the attendant with the garden shears and the other guy with the leg kick. >> got to have the leg kick. wonder how long he was in that bathroom? >> i don't know. >> and the other thing, too, you know, how gas stations -- >> they stink. >> eww. >> do not go in there! dumb and dumber being bob. >> yes. >> p 43:00, do you know jenn fred? >> yes. >> she is standing right over there, look. >> hi, right here. >> good to see you. >> can you imagine carson wentz in the bathroom like i am the quarterback and the number one draft pick and no one is finding me in this bathroom. hey, tim tebow knows what it feels like to be a big deal quarterback. will he answer my question, finds out, i'm going to go lock myself in a bathroom.
7:46 am
>> new york airport in grounds stop, which basically means, all aircraft heading in to leguardia, and newark, and jfk, will not be permitted to leave their destinations, they got some thunderstorms moving
7:47 am
through, and already, they were dealing with 15 to 30 minute delays, and of course grounds stop in new york, not here in philadelphia. who is hungry? >> me. >> let's do it, we will go have breakfast in the living room. get mom all upset. exactliment the living room cafe, south philadelphia, at fifth street. out there live from 9:00 to 10:00. bip your umbrella, the kids will be wet, but we'll have fun live on good day philadelphia. live look at the blue route, 476, getting doused here, with some heavy rain, depending upon where you begin and end your trip, see anything from light drizzle, thunderstorms, had some really heavy downpours, and, bring your umbrella or rain hat going to the fire fly music festival, opens up today, at the dover speedway sue will have the whole forecast for the fire fly gang in just couple of minutesment expect extra volume all weekend long heading into and out of the speedway. then northbound lanes every 295 the ramps to route 273,
7:48 am
are block right now all the because after accident. how long will this rain hang around? sue is coming around in 15 seconds with a answer. >> weaver rain going on, a lot of place hoping it doesn't link near tomorrow morning. we might see few showers, in northeast philadelphia, at the corner of frankford and cottman, tomorrow morning, for good day drive-thru. just be prepared for a shower or two. nothing like what we have this morning. these are the heavy downpours we were talking becomes see the line moving into new castle county, in salem county, new jersey, we had pop up thunderstorm, these thunderstorms they pop up and the thunder gone, just about as quickly as it arrives.
7:49 am
so zooming into delaware county, around media, and springfield, seeing, some pretty heavy rain this morning, kind of sloppy in alloway township. woolwich township in new jersey pen ville, as well. zooming into wilmington, the rains easing up little bit, but had a lot of heavy rain in wilmington, delaware this morning, really bad in townsend, middletown, right in the southern part of new castle count any delaware. goat it now. off to cool start up in hazleton with 58 gross, pottstown has 64, we have 58 in washington township, 66 degrees in ocean city. sixty-four lewes, delaware, where they've been spared the rain this morning, but i think everybody will get a taste of it before the day is through. it is 80 degrees yesterday. today high of 75, but warming up over fathers day weekend, first day of summer, mike and alex, is on monday, and it sure will feel like it with the high of 88 degrees. tomorrow pretty deans meant
7:50 am
northeast fill. >> i maybe stray shower. >> well, you can never real out pop up shower. >> dot man and frankford tomorrow, see you then. >> played for the eagles little bit. tim tebow what we are talking about. >> team fox. >> fox 29ment. >> on tv tonight, love. >> this is that a dab? >> half dab. >> all right. he is charming. he is adorable. he is also unwilling to say whether or not he's ready to throw on the pads and the helmet. so, we begin talking, my favorite topic, college not ball. >> okay. >> hi, jen. >> high, tim tebow. >> how are you? >> i'm good. >> we have start, couple of things, in you can beer one, i went to florida state. >> oh, that's okay. >> i feel like that's automatically strew strikes. >> i didn't say strike, pal. i said i want to let you know
7:51 am
what i'm all about. that's what i am all about. okay, i agree that you are very smiley and very cute and you're a very good quarterback. when you hear that 10,000 people have signed a petition, 10,000 people have signed a petition, they want you back in the nfl, how do you feel about that? >> it hummed recall you. i'm happy to have support and people that want to see me play and support me, definitely means a lot. >> what's the number one thing you miss about philadelphia other than this girl? >> welshing i tell you what, i love the passionate fans there. it was awesome. you know, i think sometimes people will go get a bad rap from some people. but i love the passion. you know, i love the excitement. they care about their team. they care about how they are doingment and watching play, you know i'm passionate. and i think passion is a special quality in today's society. >> so, if nfl coach picks up
7:52 am
the phone, are you going to answer it and potentially play in the fall? >> jen that's a really good question. i'm definitely going to answer the phone. >> you want to play in the ffl? >> talk to them for a little bit, see how they're doing, find out how their day is going. >> you know what? i don't know what the future holds. >> no one ever called me. this will sound weird, mr. tebow, no ffl coach ever personally called me on the phone. >> they haven't? >> weird, right? so i don't know what it fells like to get the call, then no one ever said hey jen, we need you to be the quarterback. but you are the quarterback of this shot rye now and you are killing it. >> killing it. >> come to philadelphia and join us, please. >> your welcome!
7:53 am
>> he went to the university of florida, went to florida state. >> ain't it great? >> he was really charming, and i have to say, when my son brody, who we saw the other day, went on the tour of the philadelphia eagles lockerroom, all of the kids were trying to get their picture under tim tebow's locker. i was like, the frederick family does not pick pictures with tebow lockers, no thank you. today here mans, you bet. >> tebow, no thanks. >> jen, that was fun. >> i'm a sports reporter, you know. >> you are the quarterback. >> for two minute. >> just don't get lock in the bathroom, okay? >> ya, carson went. listen to there is i know you will take summer vacation with the family. you can boost immunity, keep them safe, so you don't spread diseases to each other, and there are couple of supplement you should be putting down the throat of your children before you get in the car. that didn't sound right, did it? worse tease everment doctor
7:54 am
mike is here.
7:55 am
7:56 am
7:57 am
>> 7:57. well, you know her by now. the whole country does, our intern, patience carter, receiving and recovering, actually, we talk to her yesterday afternoon, she describe her injuries after being shot in that orlando night club massacre. >> a bullet had shattered my femme your bone in my leg, bullet went through my left leg, i didn't know i was shot in my left leg until they cut my clothes off in the ambulance. >> she shattered her feel or, shrapnel also no her other leg, doctor mike, so doctors down there in orlando, in fact, we were talking to her yesterday, she talked to her on the phone yesterday, she said she saw her bullet wounds, for the very first time, as she look down, and her feel or, her thigh, is just, i mean, shattered, and
7:58 am
those scars will be therefore ever, and she burst into tears when she saw it. >> yes. >> she says that doctors put a metal rod into that feel or. >> well, you have to, because this casino of weapon, the ar15, is unbelievably damaging because it has so much kin ethic energy, that the speed of the bullet out of this type after weapon is going three times the speed of sound. so what it has, lot of kin ethic energy. it destroys tissue. now, i have an x-ray, i hope we can show this, because not only does it just go through your leg, it shatters the bone. >> the bullet went when it hit it dark it bursts? >> into like little pieces in. >> because it is going so fast, it destroys bone. now, i just, this is the bone we are talking about. >> let's get wide shot of this, first, so we know what we are looking at there. is the whole body, then there is the upper bone of the leg. >> right. right. so what we have, this is the feel femme or, and according to reports, there is tremendous damage, since she
7:59 am
had that rod, because it shatters not only the bone, but tremendous soft tissue damage. now, i brought over here, when i say soft tissue, i'm talking about arteries and veins. so, because the bullet is going so fast, what happens is it not only damages bone, but also, the arteries, and the veins, and all of these muscles, just get ripped apart, and trauma surgeons basically, there we are, trauma surgeons, basically, have tremendous amounts of problems dealing with all of this damage. >> so that rod will have to be in her leg the rest of her life? >> it will be therefore ever. >> but she will be able to walk again? >> absolutely. >> hope so. >> so is is there any bone left or just a rod at that point? >> there is renmant of bone on the top and the bottom. i don't know exactly where the bullet entered, but what you will do is you will have that metal right in there, and that will stabilize that feel feel
8:00 am
or bone and allow her to walk, i don't know how we as a society have access to assault weapons. i just don't get it. i know that's a political thing -- >> okay, well, the best, i mean, she said she will get out of the hospital today. >> she learning to walk with crutches right now. >> can she put pressure on that at all? not yet? >> going to take -- this will be a long, long process of rehab, and get herring self back into shape. i mean, this is a devastating injury, and a devastating event. >> she is a strong woman, that's for sure. >> yes. >> doctor mike, thank you for. that will all right, let's do another hour of the show. let's rope tape. >> it is thursday. >> from the fox 29 studios, this is good day philadelphia. >> he killed 49 people in the worse mass shooting in the united states history. and while it was happening, he posted on facebook, made five phonecalls, what the killer said and who he called as people were dying.
8:01 am
>> and historic vote. philadelphia set to become the first major city in america, with the soda tax. why a thumbs-up today could mean legal trouble later. >> ♪ >> ♪ summer loving and staying healthy ♪ >> the four supplement you need to keep our family from getting sick on summer vacation. >> give him what he needs, and what needs to chill, the perfect gift for dad, the man in your life. >> ♪ >> that's what it is like waking up, wake up. >> the most interesting tv studioer. >> new delays on mass transit. >> 8:02, we have six on scale
8:02 am
of one to ten. >> we sure do. >> it is raining. >> raining heavily in some places being not at all in others. that's scattered rain, and thunderstorms for you, and they pop up, there is one, that just popped up in gloucester county, moving into atlantic county right now, right down there, around the a.c. expressway, so, you're in and out, pretty quickly, but boy intense while that rain is heavy all throughout the area, including, here in the city, in our neighborhood right now. so bus stop buddy has the best advice for you. wear that rain gear. temperatures are in the muggy 60s this morning to get you started. look how sloppy it is at the airport. 64 degrees, right now, with 8-mile per hour breezes out of the east. seventy-five is our high today. showers around, on and off throughout the day. could see some sun peaking through. we will tell you what happens tonight and tomorrow, and the weekends, coming up in the seven day forecast. bob kelly? >> soup, as we look there at the airport, i can tell you that you see some planes moving around, but some of them are also stuck in a line
8:03 am
up there, at philadelphia international airport no official delays but i can tell you that the through new york airports, are at ground stop, because of heavy thunderstorms, in that area. here is a live look, at the blue route, right near the baltimore pike, pretty much example every your major roadways right now, as that heavy rain kind of scattered through the area causing big delays this morning, the vine street expressway getting doused here from ends to end. and here is a live look at the admiral wilson boulevard, where again, only one lanas you work your way in toward that airport circle, as i mention, delays at new york's airport for the grounds stop, check with the airline, because even though you may decide to fly later on after lunch, this is going to have domino effect on air travel through the rest of the day, then southbound 295, an accident on the ramps to route 73. >> whether to file charges in the shooting every suspect the car thief. the owner witness add man trying to steel his car and
8:04 am
ended up chasing him, the thief crashed bridge pennsylvania avenue and mast when police say the owner shot him twice. the suspected crook is now in the hospital. >> that is a live shot right will there from morrisville borough up there bucks county. juice, energy drinks, even diet soda about to cost you more if philadelphia's mayor gets his way. >> expected vote. >> steve keeley in center city right there by city hall. steve? >> last minute lobbying effort from big soda as jim kenney calls it, large soda companies, bottlers in philadelphia, not happen which this, not giving up, and they're going to put pressure on anybody who looks like they're going to vote in favor of this thing on the council, right up until the vote. it has gotten cut in half from 3 cents to one and a half
8:05 am
cents, as we predicted, it is now just attacks, not just on sugary drinks, but also on diet drinks. so, all soft drinks, diet or regular, and it is still adding, though, a lot if passed as is to buyers, one and had a half sent an ounce extra to 2-liter bottle adds whole another dollar-one, adds 2.16 to the cost of a six pack of pepsi on or even diet coke. even bottled, 26 cents more for the 13-ounce starbucks bottled coffees. right now, all you need is nine out of the 17 council members, one more than half, and majority to vote yes, but even if it is cut in half that one and a half sent an ounce soft drink tax in philly will be the biggest, bigger than only the existing city sales tax in berkley, california right now, where it is 1 cents an ounce. and that went to the city voters they approved it with majority of the vote and kenney lot of national expert predict will be copied if
8:06 am
philadelphia passes this today, city saying it will improve health, we're not successful, so kenny didn't go that route like mayor nutter about. he was honest saying great way to raise money and help the poverty people here in philadelphia, we'll see. >> okay, let us know what happens there, steve, have camera there, of course. 8:06. >> new overnight, senate democrats ended nearly is a hour filibuster early this morning. after republican party leaders reportedly agreed allow votes to propose gun control measures. this follows shooting massacre at pope's -- pulse night club in orlando, chris murphy tweeted: he's proud to announce after more than 14 hours on the floor, we will have a vote on closing the terror gap and universal backgrounds checks. senators joined senator murphy. >> all right, 8:06 now. dozens are still recovering in the hospital after sunday early morning massacre there in orlando. here's what the new information is. >> authorities are one step closer to charging the gunman's wife in connection to the shooting.
8:07 am
norristown man reportedly with omar mateen when he cased possible targets, including walt disney world and pulse night club. the feds have reportedly convened grand jury to investigate salmon, the wife. she could be charged as accessary to 49 count of murder and 53 count of attempted murder. says gunman made posts blah g the filthy ways of the west, and blaming the united state for the deaths of energy women and children. >> we have learned about phonecall to that man right there. in front of those tv monitors. so shooter made five phonecalls during this blood bath. he called central florida news 13 and spoke to that producer right there. the overnight producer, about 3:00 in the morning. that will producer says when he answered the phone, the shooter said: do you know about the shooting? that's going on, the producer there said yes, i do. mateen said well, i'm shooter.
8:08 am
it is me. i am the shooter and went on to say i did this for isis, he was shooting people for isis, then started speaking in arabic. so the producer said hey hold on a second, you need to speak english. then mateen said: no, i'm not going to do. that will the producer says where are you? he says it is not of your f ' g business and hung up the phone. >> philadelphia community coming together to honor the youngest victim, akyra murray. hundred cents packing the auditorium as west catholic press high school, last night, to remember the 18 year old basketball star. vigil was private, so cameras not allowed inside. akyra graduated little over a week ago. she was the thirds in her class. her immediate family is still in orlando right now making arrangements to bring her body back to philadelphia for her funeral. >> meanwhile, president obama watched for this today. heading to orlando many details have still not been work out. i'm sure, haven't been
8:09 am
announced. >> the white house says his trip is about offering comfort and support, to that community, that's grieving from this past weekend. >> of course the main topic that attack on the night club, of course a lot going on in orlando, needs to comfort a lot of people in central florida. >> 8:09. >> now to another story, also happening in orlando, medical examiner performing autopsy, on the body of two year old boy who was killed by an alligator at walt disney world resort. the body of two year old lane graves found in a man-made lagoon at the grand floridian resort yesterday afternoon. lane was playing in the water, tuesday night, after there was move that i was shown at the resort with his dad close by, when the alligator attacked, and dragged him into the water. his father jumped in, tried to save him, but could not. authority say the boy was in very shallow water, and there are no swimming signs in the area, where the boy was attacked. but some say was that enough?
8:10 am
sign and, since the boy was waiting in the area in the beach area there. >> looks like the alligator drowned him, and didn't, you know. >> because the body was found intact? >> his body was absolutely intact. i guess that's some type of solace to the family. oh, just horrible. >> so sad. >> here is another story we learned about yesterday afternoon. kerry washington has message for women who field trapped in a abusive relationship. there is a way out. >> earlier this week, she took her message to the white house. she spoke with the united states of women's summit met with first lady michelle owe bamm a violence against women was primary focus of this summit. according to the cdc, one in four american women will experience domestic violence, in her lifetime. >> you know, father day is this sunday, here to help us take that fathers day pledge that we do every year, to ends domestic violence, so from the settlement house, good to see you. >> good to see you guys again this year. >> well, here we go again, fathers day week, we need to
8:11 am
take this pledge. surrounded by police officers, keeping us safe. what is it now every 152nd still in our country, somebody gets abused? >> every 152nd someone is abused by intimate partner here in the united states. >> one of the toughest calls to go on, right, goo us? >> at the phillies, they'll be the new psa's, done by some of the players, so, if you're in the area, please, stop down, and join us at the phillies game. we will have banners, at every entrance, for people to sign. >> and then will it travel around after the phillies game? >> it does, we have been traveling around, we've been making our stops in many different communities places trying to get signatures. >> couple of names on there? >> so yours is on there from last year. >> i know it. >> doctor mike signed last year, we have sheriff
8:12 am
williams. >> i see most of the city council members, says right here. not use violence of any form in my relationship, speak up if another man is abusing his partner, disrespect you will, be alley to women, teach boys how to be men in ways that don't involve degrading or abusing girls and women. i am happy to sign this. get out to the phillies game tonight. >> after tonight, you will still be going around to different communities? >> we will be going around to different communities there is actually kicks off our event, last year we honored our man cam rally as our community advocate, so this will launch our traveling and awareness about domestic violence trying to get men involved and ending dom he is being violence. >> see you tonight. >> thank you. >> and no rain, no rain tonight. >> no rain. >> thank you for coming in. >> yes, thank you for what you told officers here. >> create i have solution, violence among teens causing strict curfew in trenton, violators are better off being taken to church than jail.
8:13 am
>> summer loving and staying healthy, four supplement you need to keep your family from getting sick on vacation. one american park is larger than yellowstone, yosemite, grand canyon and glacier national parks combined. and that's not the only thing you can only find in new york state. ♪ you can find it all only in new york. new york. it's all here. it's only here. plan your summer vacation at
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>> we zoom in, now we see one in bridgeton, new jersey. cumberland county, lots of places around there, we move over to delaware, middletown getting very heavy rain right now not raining yet in dover, where folks are camping out for the flyer fly music festival, looks like very soon, and there is a storm that just pop up in saulsbury, maryland, just never know. >> looks like warm up, plenty of sunshine over the weekend, into the first day of summer. weeing monday, high of 88 degrees, bob kelly, what a mess out there! >> book, pick a number, any number, there is your speedometer readings for all of the major roadways, heavy rain bringing us to grinding
8:17 am
halt. double jelly donut delays on all of the major roadways. here is a example. >> start out of the driveway maybe with a drizzle, big thunderstorm on your way there, maybe even have to get that umbrella tote go you from the car into the office all brake lights on the admiral wilson boulevard, only one lane leaded into the airport circle a records 78, 70, right there between pennsauken and cherry hill. here is a live look, at 95, delaware county. in a grounds stop at the new york airports all because of thunderstorms that are coming through, so, that's going to have domino effect on air travel back here, in philly, for the rest of the day mike and alex back over to you. >> we will take summer vacation, all pile into the car, driver around the country. >> but the worse thing on vacation and you get sick and stuff, and you can't enjoy it, oh,.
8:18 am
>> let's start that, doctor sarah e-rush, did i say that right? >> that's right. >> high doctor,. >> high. are you afraid of us? why are you so far away? >> sometimes he bites. >> when should we take these supplement in. >> first thing you want to think about whether taking supplement, make sure to take quality product. not regulated by the fda so use for usp or united states farm see a. >> on every booth until. >> right, there usp. >> right here on this bottle. >> don't move. that will one right there. >> that's you what want to look for. that's the if i thing. >> what's the next thing. >> next thing do do, make sure to always talk to your provider, so your physician, your nurse, pharmacist, make sure it is safe for to you take a supplement so it doesn't interact with any of your other medications or other disease. >> say we're clear. >> we're clear. >> sleeping? >> no, meletonin is good for sleep and jet lag, really good
8:19 am
when traveling, getting off your schedule, you want back on so you don't ways any vacation time. >> like going overseas? >> overseas is good, somebody who doesn't sleep well in a strange place, that might be something worth taking. >> okay? >> vitamin c. vitamin c is good for to boost your immunity, always worried about when in airplanes or crowded amusement parks, prevent getting sick it might help. >> okay. >> this next one? >> zink in case you get sick it has been shown to shorten duration after cold. >> really? i'm on the plane know avenue trip in day or two, take some zinc? >> maybe shorten the duration. >> sometimes i'll suck on those zi c lost inning ers. >> he can actually. >> makes me feel better. >> good if you have a cold it, will shorten cold by day or two. >> really? >> did will. >> good to know. >> probiotics. >> are good for people who have digestive issues, you know when go on vacation, taking different kind of foods, or worried about stomach upset. probiotics might be good.
8:20 am
>> or as aaron andrews say, probiotics. >> and then this final one. >> saint john's ward example that these do have real effect like pharmaceuticals, be careful with saint john's worth you might burn easier than you would without t so be sure to use your sunscreen if you are taking saint john's worth. it can actually sense ties you to the sun, so you get more severe sunburn. >> what? >> your mood? >> good for depression. >> oh. >> do you take this? >> there go. >> use your sunscreen. >> ill. >> doctor, good to see you. >> thank you so much. >> thanks so much. >> i don't believe in any of this stuff works. >> really? >> 8:20. >> happy hour just got little happier in old city. a new restaurant program that starts today. i went out to center city sips last night. >> oh, so that's why you are like this this morning. >> oh, i'm too old to go. jen, jen, most every these
8:21 am
people are millennials. >> yes, that's why i stay home, with my box, wine on my couch. >> hey, mchugh pons or booze, a fox 29 dad quincy, bob kelly among them watch do they want for father day? go to my facebook, twitter, instagram, you will be surprised who wants that coupon, who wants the booze.
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alright guys, we've brought you to this construction trailer to talk about trucks today. which truck brand offers engines with best in class v8 towing or fuel economy? are we moving? where we going? it's the answer to the question baby! silverado. oooh that's cool. it's truck month. qualified buyers get 0% financing for 60 months. plus, find your tag and get $8,250 total value on this silverado all star.
8:24 am
find new roads at your local chevy dealer >> ♪ >> alex holley, i've lost my mind. >> i was like what? >> it is raining. >> got your attention. >> sure did. >> if you want to talk about old city, alex holley, old city, is getting ready for one of the largest restaurant projects in modern history. are you ready? >> happy hour just got little happier. here is the deal, today old sitly debut old city eat. this weekly extended happy hour program starts today,
8:25 am
runs every thursday until august 25th, it will be from 5:00 to 8:00 every night, 32 restaurant have joined this line up. so, fork, cuba libra, dynasty, little lion, commonwealth, new place opened across from us, many others. new program will give philadelphia restaurant, workers, race tours, more dining out options. you know sips, mike, were you apparently there last night. >> i went to the uptown funk. >> oh, uptown beer gardner. >> and across from it is the comcast thing. >> the music is blasting. it is nothing but 20 and 30 year old. i got so embarrased because i was supposed to meet friend every mine there. i said i'm not going in there. >> sounds like your kind of theme. >> if i walk in there, it is going to be that what's that old dude doing in there. >> oh, they won't think that. >> oh, mike jerrick, mike jerrick, and that girl! >> who are you? mike jerek is. >> we were walking down the
8:26 am
street the other day, alex and i, and i guy comes running up, alex, mike and you. >> you're that girl. >> yesterday, yesterday, right out there. at fourth and market, big red bus was going by, you know? >> oh, yes. >> in the middle of the street, there is a bus, give the tours, city bus tours. >> go oh, hey there is local tv guy, mike jerrick and alex standing next to me, and her. >> and i was like hi, guys. i'm alex. it is fine. he doesn't know my name. >> it is either that or hi, sheinelle, good to see you again. >> yesterday i got hey alley. >> hey, alex. >> ya, alley, i watch you every morning. >> i'm like great. >> or mike and holly, your last name. >> fine. >> you're alex hole. >> i thank you. the point is tonight, it will be the old city version of sips. i'll be there. >> oh, where are you going to be? >> sounds like alex around
8:27 am
town. so commonwealth, see? >> by the way commonwealth restaurant across the street, completely renovated. it is a good looking place. >> oh, so good. >> all right, 8:27. i never get confused for quincy. dow get confused for steve keeley every now and then, i go hey, keel. >> i we know quince. >> i yes. >> only one quincy. >> you know what, mike? you're a great father just in time for fathers day, you wrote great book. what is it called? >> fifty-two fun activity for dads and kids. >> we have dads and kids right here, and we will see what we can do to be great fathers. coming up next.
8:28 am
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♪but i'm not gonna let 'em catch me nooo♪ ♪not gonna let 'em catch the midnight riiiiiiiideer!♪ kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. >> i wonder how calvin harris feels about this apparently
8:31 am
reacting to the social media wait. i thought she was dating cam vin hear us. >> they broke up. >> she is making out with somebody else. >> in. >> she moves fast. go girl. >> here ask the story of the day, eagles top draft pick, carson weans, got locked in a new jersey gas station bathroom. took two people to get him out. seriously, sue, have you ever been locked in a bathroom? >> i hope it never happens to me. , might be safe harbor from all of these pop up thunderstorms, sounds effect nice, yes, look at the map, all of this lightning popping up. they pop up light this one around millville, and then they go away. another one down around saulsbury, affecting southern delaware, and this morning, and bus stop buddy has the best idea of the day. just wear that rain gear, it is rainy, it is muggy, it is in the 60s right now, we top off at 75 degrees, and showers will taper offer little later
8:32 am
on, and we could see little sunshine, before the day is through. and that's your weather for hours, time for traffic. traffic time. >> bob? >> i don't see bob kelly. >> bob is not ready for traffic because -- oh, no, we have locked the door completely. >> we got a jam. we're jammed here. >> no, he went to the bathroom, and he can't get out. >> i can't get out. >> and as soon as we get our things back in the control room with the bathroom door. >> i can't get out. >> hold on a second. >> can you help? >> jammo in here. i can't -- >> hold on, hold on. mike, mike.
8:33 am
>> sorry, alex, didn't realize the bathroom scene wasn't there. hold on a second. can you just do traffic from in there? have sure. we have a little delay. let me see if my maps work from the bathroom here. >> is my clicker working? oh, oh. south on 59, little delay from cottman, down to girard, there is live look at the admiral wilson boulevard. stack up, approaching into the airport circle, that's all part that far emergency work there, with pse&g, and as we mentioned, delays at all of the new york airports, because of some heavy thunder boomers, so check with philadelphia international airport. check with your airline before you head on down there. mike and alex, back over to you. >> you know, fathers day is as we say in the tv business, this phrase is used almost every day. something is always right around the corner, right? >> is this another regulation? like -- >> whatever holiday is coming up do you have say it is just around the corner. >> like christmas. >> just around the corner.
8:34 am
>> oh. are you all right? >> fun book. fifty-two simple and fun activities for dads and kids. quincy joins us with the book's author telling us what should we be doing with our dad this weekend? >> yes, now, you're a great father. >> so they say. >> how many kids do you have? >> i have two kids. >> what are their ages? >> my daughter eight years old, that's gee ann, a my son is four years old, mason. >> okay, now, why should, you know, people buy this book? >> because i'll be honest with you, it is a great book, humbling saying, but great book. and it encourages activities with dad. and all of the statistic show when there is an act of a -- active father in the house, kids get better ends results onto adults.
8:35 am
so it is the father sometimes just take on that bring it home the bacon type of thing, and they forget that it is time to chill with the kids. have fun with the kids. >> get to know your kids through activities, so that's why this book is important, it is about the family. it includes the family and specially which i believe is the head of the family, the father. >> okay, so we're inside, now, because it is raining, but what are great outdoor activities for the kids? >> q, like i said, a two fun and simple activities, something as simple as going to the park, we all know what fun you have at the park, swings, sliding board, me and my wife last year, we used to do dinner if he park, go buy a pizak go out there, have dinner at the park, the kids loved it. we ate, they went and played, you know, they always meet new friends, and chance to see your kids, socialize, to see how they interact with people. so not only is it an event that is for fun, you get to learn about your kids, and i think that's the biggest thing. >> quickly let's run through it, right now indoors. we have indoor watch do we know right here? >> indoor, we netflix and
8:36 am
chilling, kids version. >> okay? >> this is a movie and a book, however choose to rent your movie, right now watching netflix with my nephew kingston over there, my son, forgot my son's name, my son mason. >> are you the father? >> yes. >> and that's my cousin omar. >> what do we have in this room? >> right now talking about building things, with the kids, it could be again 52 simple, building leggos, drawing, coloring, this is too actually in one, building things. actually not building anything right now, but they're doing a craft which is another -- >> and the kids are occupied. my son, look at colby, he is not crying today. and that's his son, lamont junior. >> what do we have right here? >> dads, we got to do this, dads becoming more domestic kate dollars mark i friend, kita, his daughter over here, gee gee, that's my neice over there. what's up? >> high. >> that's my beautiful daughter right here, what's
8:37 am
up, gianna. and you know what they are doing, they are cooking, having fun, preparing a meal together. another great activity for fathers to do with their kids, and i said again, guys, way more domesticated these days, do a lot more than just bring home the bacon. we cook it, too. >> well go to get this book right here, real father writing a real book. mothers, get this book for your fathers, they may need some ideas. alex, mike? >> sounds good to me. >> i can do that one activity. >> which one? >> the one sitting on the couch watching it. v. >> that's the only one you would be willing to do? >> i might get on the floor and play with the kids. >> my dad added another thing to the list what he wants to do on father day. >> wants to go to holmesburg bakery, because bob talking about that bakery. well, bob is in the bathroom now. >> kind of clog up. >> he wants these salsa -- >> where? >> place in camden. >> ya, we'll see. >> hey bob, still in there? >> yes, i am having trouble here, dorothy is jam up. jammo. >> steve keeley back in the
8:38 am
building, steve, do you still have those -- >> i do travel all the time, full compliment of garden tools, so this can actually see you. >> a.m. any trouble breaking the men's room door lock here? >> bob, are you okay? >> come on, i got to go. you got to go. >> now, carson wentz, ready? >> oh! >> oh, no! >> fair square? >> you all right? >> i'm okay. i'm okay. >> all right, just shut it, just don't shut it all the way. >> what makes it worth it, he didn't even have -- >> let me come in and help you here. >> only one stall! >> (laughing). >> oh, my goodness. bob? >> here. >> oh, my gosh. >> hold this, hold this. >> i mean, carry told me, but -- ... i had no idea.
8:39 am
>> oh, my gosh. >> we need maintenance. >> come and look at this. >> we got the whole gang. >> oh, high. >> jammo. >> jammo is right. >> i don't know if i want to see. common in. >> i don't know. >> ahh h. all right, we'll take a break and be right back. >> oh, my gosh!
8:40 am
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>> prince william out on the cover, says no one should be bullied for their sexuality, or no reason, and no one
8:43 am
should have to put up with that casino every hate. >> good for him. >> shear is a woman with attitude, one jenn fred. >> emily has attitude, too. >> so, here, in a good way, it is fathers day, right around the corner, mike jerrick. so, what do you want to get dad? we have some great ideas all totally silly.
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
>> 8:46. a look at bush kill falls. i can't really tell if it is raining up there. you know, the swatter always flowing there, but there is plenty of rain on radar this morning. getting a break here in philadelphia, but you look up in berks county, you see, more thunderstorms that have popped up. that means, more rain on the way. everything is moving from northwest to southeast. and, we see, rain, we zoom in couple of places including this new thunderstorm in millville, new jersey, you can see the orange there, that indicates heavy downpours. heavy downpours in part of new castle county, delaware be and across the bay, in lower alloway creek in salem county, new jersey, now, for the folks camping out for the fire fly festival, getting rained on around dover, delaware this morning, and then the rain is now all starting to move into sussex county, jersey shore get ready. rain coming your way, as well. weekend forecast though is
8:47 am
looking a lot better, we've got plenty of sunshine for a saturday and sunday. sunday is fathers day, we've got the forecast all settled, but, jen, my daughter doesn't know what to get her daddy. >> okay, we have some great ideas, all philly focused but begin by asking the dads of fox 29, what they want for fathers day. >> fathers day, i just want everybody together. everybody together. maybe throw some burgers on the grill, a rebate! >> to be away from my family, as much as possible, on that day. >> day off would be great. ride my motorcycle all day, with no worries, would be even better. >> couple of friends, we go out, little daddy beverages, read between the lines. >> i need a new wallet. mine is all busted out. >> is that too much to ask to be away? guys, these other guys probably oh, i want this, i want this. >> maybe give certificate. >> to where? >> lord and taylor, i love lord and taylor. >> really? >> ya, they got good ties.
8:48 am
>> i want jelly donut, jelly jam. >> macy's is good, macy's has good ties. >> do you like the coupons like sue serio? >> oh, you have to have a coupon, because fuss have give certificate, coupon, use your red card, you get 10% off. >> i want to be away, from the family, please, silence. >> jelly jam? >> jelly jam, thank you. all right, now we know what they want. emily goulet is here from philadelphia magazine. right now you have a whole blog up about philadelphia things for teats day. >> yes, we have broke ten down for the philadelphia dads. >> have you bought anything for your dad? >> i have not. i know, i night to get shopping today. >> okay, so you've broken down, the types of dads. we have the dad to heeds a break. >> yes, dad who really just needs a drink, dads saying they want booze, if you want philly booze you are going to go to art in the age. in old city. they have amazing, like, garden gin, called sage.
8:49 am
really really good. you can also get him a flask, and they have this fabulous roll-up cocktail kit. so he has all of the cocktails he needs in one easy to carry gear bag. >> i like that because that's something you wouldn't buy for themselves. >> you wouldn't, you wouldn't. it shows you put little bit every thought into it. you won't a cool old city buy teen, you got something in that you could only really get in philadelphia. >> so some of the dads here claim to be into cooking. a lot of dads do. you say you have help for that. >> we do. you can let him cook some meat out on the grill, we have awesome cutting and serving board, which is made by this really awesome surfer guy in kensington. the company called farmhouse over and you can also get this at art in the age, great dry rub, saint lucifer. >> yes, lucifer. >> so, mike jerrick was saying, this is the thing he likes the most. >> yes. >> get away and stuff to get away with. >> yes, take him to the shore for weekend, let him and mom
8:50 am
go out, give him break from the kids. >> yep. >> so these are recycled polly ester board shorts bouey knighted by blue. >> cool. >> and this is a get away bag, what's really cool is that for every purchase made, they pick up a pound of trash from waterways. >> that's really cool. >> awesome company. >> they don't want ties. but they might want some accessories? >> buying something they wouldn't necessarily want to buy for themselves. over at stars and stripes rittenhouse get american trench socks made on the main line, armstrong and wilson pocket squares, which are made if philly. and these are really cool. a watt it make by philly architect, super thin, fit in the front pocket. >> and bob kelly says his wallet is quote busted up or bus the. >> the that will fix that. >> of course mike likes this, it is like aris i can and fun yet casino of rustic? >> a fabulous company out in wayne. if you're really going to win
8:51 am
major points with dad, put a new ipad or laptop in there. a great caring case for his tech accessories. >> so whether you go out, you look at stuff, i am sure a lot of stuff you say this just isn't cool. the reason why you pick these types of things in one sentence is? >> they're cool, you get them in philly and from more than full than you what will find at the mall. >> i like it, come back more often, i know you are working on the best of philly stuff. >> excited. >> alexi know that's something we always want to look at. >> of course. always always. >> frenchman is sailing the worlds with his best friend. it is not a person, though. his unusual and malcolm pan john. there is a hint. >> ♪
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
there is a french man sailing around the worlds with his best friend, and he says his best friend is that chicken. his name is gee rickusude. >> two years into his voyage around the world, so far every minute has been spent with his only companion, a chicken by the name of monique. monique and surf. do all of these different things. it is a hen. he picked this hen as his travel partner because he wanted a pet and because she would lay eggs, giving him food. monique was just a few month old when the journey began, and they are currently near greenland and on their way to alaska next. now, to get from greenland to alaska, can you get from
8:56 am
greenland to alaska up through up near the arctic, or do you have to go all the way around through the panama canal? >> northwest passage? >> northwest passage. >> look at that. >> and also, you would take a chicken in case you -- >> hungry? >> could you eat the chicken. >> or -- >> like if you had a dog or something with you, or a cat? probably wouldn't want to eat them. >> no. >> do you think he talks to the chicken? >> probably. >> wouldn't you if you don't have any other friends with you? have to have somebody talk to you. >> like that movie cast away, talking to the volleyball. do you know why he chose wilson as the name of the volleyball? >> because that's the name of the brand that makes the volleyball. >> and yet he could have used another brands. >> what other brand? >> well, r there is likewise or something like that, whatever? >> but that's the one -- >> but why would he choose that brand? wilson? >> because that's the brands
8:57 am
that was there, why, the movie, director pick that? >> no, he chose it himself in why? >> his wife's name is rita wilson. >> oh, so the actor tom hanks pick it? >> exactly. >> not the charger. >> well, the character's name in cast away? >> i don't know. >> i don't either. >> okay. >> you were saying you are wasting our time in our ear. >> this is a waste of time? >> you know my favorite scene in cast away, al next. >> she's not his wife, thinks he's dead, right? >> that's your favorite theme? >> no, not that part. she remarries. i think a dentist. >> again, that's your favorite part? >> and they have couple of kids. so, he goes back to the house it is pouring rain, she runs out of the house even though married to cells, and they kiss passionately, and it looks like they're going to drive away together, because she still loves him. she says you're the love of my life. >> that's iron favorite part? >> it hurt me. >> and you like to be hurt?
8:58 am
>> ya. >> okay. >> fifty shades. >> so another alex around town. >> describe this segment to me. >> whenever they see they they say i'm always out and becomes so smoke you different places around the area, different places. go it about town. >> show you this, with you guess where i am what i am doing? >> that's dramatic. >> you know, sometimes i like to be a little drama queen. >> sure, look at the size of these doors? >> use the hashtag alex and town. can you guess what's going on here? >> linvilla orchards? >> no. >> okay, after the break.
8:59 am
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